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. Examples include the winged horse Pegasus, the giant Erymanthian Boar, the fire-breathing Bulls of Colchis, and the inescapable hunting-dog Laelaps.

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Cadmus. Bragi The Norse God of poetry and eloquence.

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. The zodiacal dog is featured in the Chinese. .

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Bruce Lincoln brings together Garmr and the Greek mythological dog Cerberus, relating both names to a Proto-Indo-European root ger-"to growl" (perhaps with the suffixes -mb and -r). In the ancient mythology of the Slavs, the sun god Semargl, who was one of the seven deities of the ancient Russian pantheon, could be embodied in a winged dog bird.

. Sobek The crocodile -headed Egyptian God.

Shug Monkey A creature that is part-monkey and part-dog. .

fs; up. The story goes that in the thirteenth-century, Prince Llywelyn the Great had a palace at Beddgelert in Caernarvonshire, and as the Prince was a keen hunter, he spent much of his time in the surrounding countryside.

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. Jul 8, 2018 On November 12, 1966, the Mothman was first sighted flying over a cemetery by five men who were digging a grave late at night.

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(C. They were praised with Ara the Beautifu.

Set The dog -headed Egyptian God. They are strong, fast, and ferocious, and can be as menacing to humans as wolves.

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